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Eastlake Village Marketplace

The project consists of four single-story retail buildings for a total of 81,000 SF. The structures have complex shapes and are designed with a high level of architectural detail. Stone veneer, curved elements, towers, and extensive site work are incorporated into the project. The buildings are wood framed with a lateral system of plywood shear…

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Bella Terra

Existing buildings at the site were removed to allow for the construction of nine new buildings totaling 862,000 square feet. The structures include one and two-story retail buildings and a 20-plex stadium seating movie theater. The structural materials consist of concrete block, steel, concrete, and wood framing. Poor soil conditions required the buildings be placed…

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Hoehn Buick Cadillac Service and Parking

The project is designed for high bay service on the ground floor and two levels of inventory parking on the two levels above. The 115,000 square foot building consists of post-tensioned concrete with a lateral system of concrete shear walls. Along one property line the original concrete block wall from the demolished building had to…

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One Paseo Retail Parking Structure

The parking structure for this mixed-use project accommodates vehicles for the main retail customers. This 188,000 square foot 3-level parking structure consists of post-tensioned concrete with a lateral system of concrete moment frames. Due to its prominent location along the main street, a large retaining wall and earthen berm was integrated into the structure to…

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Grand Ridge Parking Structure

The structure supports the theater and retail parking for this mixed-use project. The 113,000 square foot 2-level parking facility is a post-tensioned concrete structure with a lateral system of concrete moment frames. Due to site conditions, the upper level is accessed from the street and an on-grade ramp from the lower level.

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CarMax Parking Facility

This three-level cast-in place post-tensioned concrete structure is designed for vehicle inventory. The project is 140,000 square feet and has a lateral system of special concrete moment frames. The lower level is high-bay to accommodate semi-truck loading and unloading of cars to this facility.

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Audi of Temecula

The project consists of a showroom building with a second-floor mezzanine and a separate service and car delivery building. The two buildings are connected with a covered service drive. The 41,000 square foot facility was constructed using masonry and steel framing with a lateral system of concrete block shear walls and steel braced frames.

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Hoehn Porsche

Designed to replace the outdated dealership, the 94,000 square foot four-level building houses a showroom and full-service department on the first floor, office and showroom parking on the second floor, and inventory parking on the third floor and roof. The structural design is a system of one-way and two-way cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete with concrete shear…

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BMW of Ontario

The new 20,000 square foot showroom is supplemented with renovations and additions to the existing service and pre-delivery inspection buildings. Shallow steel framing for the showroom building allows the thin architectural roof elements required for the design. The lateral support for the main building consists of concrete block shear walls and steel moment frames.

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The facility is the largest CarMax on the West Coast. This 81,000 square foot project is made up of five buildings including sales, service, auction, and detailing. The structural systems consist of concrete block and steel framing, with lateral systems of concrete block shear walls and steel frames.

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Hoehn Audi

The project consists of a showroom and service center on the ground floor, office on the second floor, and inventory parking on the roof. The 94,000 square foot structure is constructed of precast concrete, concrete tilt-up, cast-in-place concrete moment frames, and steel framing. The ramp to the upper level parking is on a visible side…

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Central Area Police Station

The two-story 42,000 SF building houses training, offices, and secure spaces. The structural materials were carefully chosen and designed to meet the security needs of the agency. The exterior walls are concrete block and the second floor and roof are steel and concrete. The adjacent 78,000 SF three-level parking structure was also apart of this…

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Encinitas Fire Station #5

The 6,000 SF building consists of living quarters, fire training and maintenance, an apparatus bay for the fire trucks, and an equipment tower. The construction consists of concrete block, steel, and wood framing.

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Regal Cinemas – Kapolei Commons

Traditional Hawaiian architecture sets this theater building apart from others. There is an illuminated corner tower and a lighted grand entrance with a glass roof supported by a steel structure. There are 12 stadium seating auditoriums in a 54,000 SF concrete tilt-up building. The construction materials were carefully chosen due to local availability and costs.

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Regal Cinemas – Grand Ridge Plaza

The Grand Ridge theater is 64,000 SF and has 14 stadium seating theaters. At the entrance there is a 60-foot tall blade sign supporting 30-foot overhangs with steel pipes. The sloping site required multiple internal and external foundation steps, retaining walls, and ramps. The project also included an adjacent retail center and two-level parking structure.

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Century Theaters & Retail

The project consists of a three-level building with retail on the lower level and 20 theater auditoriums in two levels above, for a total of 124,000 SF. Because the auditoriums do not stack on the on second and third floors, heavy floor girders were utilized to transfer loads from level to level. The structural materials…

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TLC (Grauman’s) Chinese Theater Renovation

The Grauman’s Chinese Theater was originally completed in 1926. The renovation of this theater consisted of a full stadium seating retrofit, addition of two projection mezzanines, and the third largest IMAX screen in North America. For the lower level stadium seating, the existing elevated cast-in-place concrete slab over the basement was modified to allow the…

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Regal Cinemas – Barkley Village

The Regal Barkley Village theater has 16 stadium seating auditoriums including a Regal RPX premier auditoriums and an IMAX auditorium. This 79,000 SF building is constructed with masonry, concrete, and long-span steel joists. The entry blade sign extends up 65 feet and cantilevers from the main structure. The main lobby has a free span of…

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Century Theaters – Bella Terra

This 77,000 SF theater is located in the Lifestyle Center of the Bella Terra mall. The theater has 20 stadium seating auditoriums including and IMAX auditorium. At the corner of the main entrance there is an 80-foot tower supported by the theater roof that serves as the main identification of the mall. Due to poor…

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